Unique Beautique is your escape from stress!

About Us

By combining holistic and clinically developed therapies, Unique Beatique offers tailored treatments designed to target your specific concerns. With lots of experience in the beauty industry and a wealth of facials, massages, scrubs and detox wraps available, Unique Beautique expert team are at the cutting edge of innovation and luxury.


Body Scrub & Thermal Inch Loss- 60 mins £45

Lose weight while pampering! Soft Brown Sugar and Sweet

Almond Oil subtly with Vanilla for the softest exfoliation.

The brown sugar gently rolls away roughness, polishing and

softening the skin. Sweet Almond and Vanilla nourish the skin.

After exfoliate the whole body, a Thermal Inch Loss Cream

is applied and wrap in Body Wrapping Film for 30 mins,

cover in blanket. This body treatment acts efficiently and

long lasting on excess fat. A luxurious experience leaving

the skin truly pampered while loose weight!

Body Scrub without Thermal Inch Lost £25

A luxurious experience leaving the skin truly pampered.

Bust Firming Cream & Reshaping Bust Mask-50 mins £45

This “bra in a jar” is packed with intensive skin firming and

toning ingredients. This natural formulation renew youthful

support and texture by firming and toning for the skin of the

breast. Also help control stretch marks.

It is recommended to have 6-12 treatments

(two per weeks.Normally effect can be seen from 6-10 times)

Burst Firming Cream & Reshaping Bust Mask

Course of 6 treatments £230

Burst Firming Cream & Reshaping Bust Mask

Course of 12 treatments £450

Aromatherapy Treatments

Deep Tissue Massage with Hot Stones-Full Body- £50

Penetrating heat from smooth oiled and warm basalt stones is

used to relieve tense muscle and sore joints.Combined with

Swedish massage technique to provide muscle relaxation,

easing stress and recharge your energy levels, releases toxins,

improves blood circulation. Cold stones can also be used for

inflammatory conditions and to achieve balance. Most of all,

hot stone therapy/massage are best suited for people who deserve

some nurture and pampering. This means after every treatment,

you will not only feel rejuvenated but beautiful and special as well.

Hot Stones Massage- Back, Neck & Shoulders £30

Targeting the back, neck and shoulders to relax & soften muscle

knots, easing pain and tension.

Hot Stones Massage- Chest, Neck & Face £25

Pre-blended Essential Oil Massage- 50 mins £45

Select a suitable essential oils to have maximum benefit to YOU to

ensure that the blend of oils penetrates the extra-cellular liquids

(liquids outside the cells) thoroughly through massage. The oils are

then transported in this liquid to both the blood and lymphatic

systems to stimulate blood and lymph supply. Improves in the

colour and texture of the skin.

Dramatic improvement in general health and well being.

Pre-blended Essential Oil Massage-

Back, Neck & Shoulders £30

Pre-blended Essential Oil Massage-

Chest, Neck & Face £25

Pamper Packages

Shellac Toes + Nails + Strip Lashes £40

Shellac Toes + Nails + Individual Lashes £45

Gel Nails + Toes + Strip Lashes £55

Gel Nails + Toes + Individual Lashes £60

Shellac Nails + Toes + Lashes + Brow Wax/Threading £37

Special Make Up + Strip Lashes + Shellac Nails £43

Special Make Up + Individual Lashes + Gel Nails £55

Individual Lashes + Brow Wax + Make Up + Full Set Gel £63

Beauty Therapy

Lash and Brow Treatments

Eye Brow Shape ( wax, thread & tweezed) £8

( Free Upper Lip for first time customers only)

Eyebrow Tint £8

Eye Brow Shape + Tint £13

Eye Lash Tint £10

Eye Brow Tint + Lash Tint £15

Eye Brow Shape, Brow Tint & Lash Tint £20

Eye Lash Extensions ( last up to 7 days) £16

Strip Lashes ( Last 1-2 days) £11

Please note skin patch test is required 24 hours prior to

Eye Lash Extensions and Tinting application.

Waxing Treatments ( Unisex Services)

Brow wax £8

Upper Lip Wax £4

Chin £5

Lip & Chin Wax £8

Forehead £5

Whole Face £18

Half Arm/ Full Arm Wax £13/£17

Full Leg Wax ( Lady/Gents) £19/£24

Half Leg Wax (Lady/Gents) £15/£19

Bikini Wax £13

Full Leg & Bikini Wax £25

Underarm Wax £10

Chest Wax £16

Full Back £20

Lower Back £14

Abdominal Wax £10

Threading Treatments

Threading £8

Upper Lip £4

Chin £5

Forehead £6

Whole Face £18

Nails Care

File & Polish (Hands) £8

File & Polish (Feet) £10

Luxury Manicure £22

(Pure pampering for your hands. Hands soak, file, shape, cuticle

work, colour, cuticle oil treatment, exfoliate your arms and hands,

luxurious arm massage & paraffin wax/mask in warm mitt)

Luxury Pedicure £27

(Nourishing foot treatment. Foot soak, file, shape, cuticle work,

colour, cuticle oil treatment, hard skin removal, luxurious legs

and feet massage, followed by paraffin wax/ mask in warm boots)

Nails Extensions

Gel Nails (2 FREE finger nail art designs) £25

Infill £18

Take Off (gel) £8

Natural nails overlay hands or feet £22

Natural nails overlay infill £18

Shellac/Soak Off Gel Nails £17

Take Off (Shellac/Soak Off gel) £5

Single Nail Repair £2

Nail Art (per Nail) 50p

Gems, fruits, flowers... each 50p

Make –up

Evening Make-up £20

Day-time Make-up £15

Facial Treatments

Dermalogica Luxury Facial- 1 Hour £45

Deep cleansing, tones, exfoliation to remove dead skin cells

followed by steam and a relaxing hand massage to stimulate

the blood circulation which in turn nourishes the skin, help

to eliminate toxins and reduce puffiness. This is followed by

a face mask to open pores and deep cleansing to enhance the

skincare product to penetrate. Finally toning and moisturising

to give skin beauty boost, leaving you feeling rejuvenated afterwards.

If you have blemishes you want to address or if your skin needs

totally rehydrating or if you just want a total relaxing cleansing

facial then this treatment will be perfect for you.

(Additional of ampoule and serum to maximise the effectiveness

of a treatment will be available on request with an extra of £5)

Dermalogical Mini Facial- 40 mins £38

A quick skin booster that cleanses, tones, exfoliates, steam,

massage & moisturises your face to leave skin feeling clean

and refreshed.

Collagen Facial £52

Is the top of the facial range treatment. After cleansing, toning,

steaming, massaging, the ampoules and serums is applied prior

to a natural collagen mask and leave for 30 mins in which the

collagen molecules penetrate into your skin to retard ageing,

recover loss of firmness/elasticity, even skin tone, enhance

moisture level, oxygenate, oxidise and protect natural skin collagen.

In just one treatment your skin can look younger and suppler.

Kaeso Mini Facial- 40 mins £22

A quick skin booster that cleanses, tones, exfoliates, steam,

massage & moisturises your face to leave skin feeling clean

and refreshed.

Kaeso Luxury Facial- 60 mins £28

Electrical Facial Treatments

Coming soon! Please ask for more details.

Body Treatments

Indian Head Massage- Whole version- 45 mins £40

( Scalp, face, neck, arms, back)

This intensive Ultimate therapeutic massage on the head,

neck, shoulder & back to release stress, promote relaxation

for general well being. This traditional method stimulate

lymphatic drainage, helping to promote toxins and boost the

immune system, improving concentration.

Indian Head Massage- Short version- 30mins £15

Swedish Full Body Massage- 75 mins £50

Using several techniques on the muscles, ligaments, nerves

and soft tissues all over the body to improve the function of

lymphatic systems to promote the ability to flush out all of

the metabolic waste from the muscles. Improve the elasticity

in the tissues, flexibility and to reduce any pain on the muscle.

The massage also gives you the energy you need and to relax

your body giving a great mental and emotional stress release.

Back, Neck & Shoulders Massage- 35 mins £35

Back, Shoulders & Foot Massage- 35 mins £35

Back Massage- 25 mins £27

Hands & Foot Massage- 25 mins £27

Soho Gyms, First Floor 7-11 Lower Mosley Street, Manchester | 07426660623

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